Developmental Disabilities Professional/Residential Coordinator

Job Title: Developmental Disabilities Professional/Residential Coordinator
Department: Gainesville Specialty Center
Salary: 26,942.74
Posted: 00/00/0000

Job Description
Job Description:
Complete all Developmental Disabilities Professional (DDP) job duties as described in the job description and supervise the residential program with the oversight of the Team Leader.

Job Responsibilities:
*Assist individuals with Developmental Disabilities in basic daily living skills.
*Maintain a clean, healthy, and safe environment for clients.
*Observes and monitors client's behavior, charts and reports observations and incidents.
*Provides training of basic personal and social skills, simple academics, or work skills to clients in residence, Avita facility, or supported employment environment.
*May assist with meal preparation, ensuring or encouraging client group activity, providing transportation, and/or limited case management.
*Keep accurate documentation of client progress and services performed, reporting changes in client condition to manager or supervisor.
*Will facilitate client community involvement.
*Remain aware of changes in the behavior and physical condition of clients, arranging for needed services to assure appropriate care is obtained.
*Carry out a person-centered Individual Service Plan (ISP)
*Assist with meal preparation, ensuring or encouraging client group activity, providing transportation, and/or limited case management.

Must be willing and able to:
-have dependable transportation
-use your personal vehicle as often as needed to transport clients
-work with developmentally disabled clients
-work alone with a group of three developmentally disabled clients
*assist clients in the use of toilet/bathroom
*change diapers of child, adolescent, or adult clients
*visit clients in their homes
*assist physically disabled clients in and out of wheelchairs and vehicles
*assist disabled clients who cannot feed themselves independently
*Must complete required annual training.

Residential Coordinator duties:
• Functions as Residential Coordinator; duties include monitoring host homes, review medical logs and audit daily notes, assist host homes with technology, track trainings and monthly paperwork, complete quarterly evaluations, assist host homes as needed.
• Provide direct care to clients as needed
Organizational skills a must to keep up with many deadlines, be able to effectively communicate expectations, be able to create residential homes, be able to maintain boundaries with those they supervise.

Minimum Qualifications: (Training and Experience)

Completion of a bachelor's degree in Social Work or a bachelor's degree in a relevant human services field AND one year of experience to individuals with Developmental Disabilities.

Preferred Qualifications

Working with Host Home Providers

Must have valid Georgia driver's license and no driver may have 6 or more points against his/her license within the last five years and no driver may have had a suspended or revoked license with the last five years.


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